Jingle jangle

Goes the midnight wind

Imagining it’s made contact

And is working its way

Free of that tangle


Out of cigarettes

And living a borrowed life

On one bad trip at a time

Waiting while watching the

Flickering of electric lights


This waiting is for a friend

Or some other component of the

Puzzle, but I own the world

So why not try and carve your

Name indelibly in the sand?

 Sharing a second chance

With all the other poor boys

On the streets of no return…and life is good

When you’re a poor boy singing in the rain

When you’re a poor boy caught up in an avalanche


Reading Eliot, reading Camus

Reading Phantom, reading Steinbeck

Watching the Late, Late Movie, I’d trade it all

 God knows, all that and more

For just one night with you


Deep in the nocturnal blue

sample excerpt from Counting Your Chicken

  • Greg R. Parker

©2017 by The New Disease