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Transcript of HSCA James Earl Jarman interview. Jarnan was a co-worker of Oswald at the TSBD and gives some surprising new information. He and two thers were on the 5th floor at the time the shots were fired at JFK. 


John R. Woods has been researching the assassination since 1973, choosing to specialize in the photographic evidence,and during that time, he has assembled his personal archives which is represented here.  

Due to the periodic release of records, John anticipated the needs of a widening circle of scholars, researchers,
writers, media personnel, and library professionals for access to photographs which illustrate the evidence, and  with this online archive, John makes his collection widely and easily accessible..

Indeed,  John looks forward to the fruits of the scrutiny bright new minds will bring to the subject.

This archive represents material from widely scattered and obscure sources. His many victories of discovery are owe to his adroit use of Freedom of Information statutes and initiation of legal actions.

John has worked with the  CIA, FBI, Army CIC, Office of Naval Intelligence, White House, Attorney General's Office, House Intelligence Committee and Senate Intelligence Committee, and researchers Gordon Winslow, Robert Cutler, Penn Jones Jr., and Harold Weisberg. His work as been credited in books by Geaton Fonzi, Richard B. Trask, Ian Grigss, Harry Livingston, Mary & Ray LaFontine. 

We hope you find this archive useful in your own endeavors.

If you have any inquires about any of the images herein, please contact John directly at                              (right click and copy)

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