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Screenplay: "One Weekend in Dallas"


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The screenplay focuses on the framing of Oswald over that weekend. The frame was being developed using the usual methods noted in cases taken up by the Innocence Project.


This thread will go through those methods as they applied to Oswald. There will be other examples, but these are the ones used in the script.



Jul 2, 2018



The Paraffin test


The Paraffin test was introduced to the US in 1933 via Mexico.


Teodoro Gonzales of the Criminal Identification Laboratory, Police Headquarters, Mexico City, reported that during a period just short of two years, 121 tests were made by his department using this method, of which 70 were positive and 51 negative. Gonzales claimed that in many cases where positive indications were shown, confessions followed and convictions were obtained. And therein is the reason they continued to be used even after the tests were comprehensively shown to dangerously faulty.


In all cases, the confession is the Holy Grail sought by police.


The fatal blow to the validity of the tests occurred in Los Angeles, 1955.


A series of 20 consecutive cases of known self-inflicted gunshot wounds by small arms were studied with the following result:

  • 4---positive, degree suggesting gun fired by deceased

  • 15-inconclusive-positive, but not to a degree excluding possibility of nitrates other than gunpowder

  • 1-negative-no reaction.

Another series of 20 consecutive cases of persons dying of causes unrelated to gunshot with the following results:

  • 0-positive

  • 16-inconclusive-positive in a degree resembling the 14 inconclusive cases of gunshot deaths

  • 4-negative-no reaction.

It should be said that no court holds scientific evidence needs to be completely infallible. But the above results fall well short of appropriate standards of efficacy.


Some books on the case have pointed to a lack of nitrates on the right cheek as proof that Oswald had not fired a rifle and that nitrates on the hands could have come from any number pf other sources that Oswald may have had contact with. Meanwhile, supporters of the Warren Commission point to tests carried out by the FBI which obtained similar results to the San Francisco tests carried out some years prior, in order to say that no conclusions at all can be drawn from the tests.


The fact is that such tests should not be done if there in no intention of using a positive result in court to help demonstrate guilt. The corollary of that is that a negative should be able to used to demonstrate innocence.


But apart from that, both sides miss the real issues.


The man who performed the test, Pete Barnes, testified to the Warren Commission that it he was instructed to test the right cheek, despite knowing that residue from a rifle could not reach the cheek. He confirmed that the only time he had ever been requested to test that area was with Oswald.


Other things that may cause a false positive on the hands include tobacco or tobacco ash, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, leguminous plants, urine, etc.


The paraffin testing of hands and cheek was done for two reasons and two reasons only:


Trial by media. It was announced to the media that his hands and cheek had been tested and that had produced a positive result. This left the impression that he must have fired a rifle as well as a pistol.


The hope of drawing out a confession. False confessions are not as rare as some may assume. A number of methods are used to get a confession. The production of the results of junk science is but one method.


There is one other issue that I do not think has ever been mentioned. The tell-tale sign of a positive test is the appearance of blue spots on the case when cut off. As these spots can disappear quickly, they are photographed with color film. As far as I have been able to ascertain, Oswald's cast was not photographed. Instead the pattern of dots was reproduced in an illustration. This is analogous to the JFK autopsy drawings and the lack of taping of the Oswald interrogations, and can be regarded as evidence that perhaps, the hands, as with the cheek, were negative.






These drawings should have been color photos. of the casts.

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The Hidell Selective Service Card


The official story was that Oswald had this card on his person when arrested for disturbing the peace in New Orleans. The card would be easily recognizable as fake due to the card having a photo of Oswald attached to it. Real selective service cards had no such photo.


We then skip forward to the hours immediately following the assassination, and Robert Jones of the 112th MIG phones the San Antonio office of the FBI to give them what they have on Oswald. An FBI memo was made regarding this call which states that Jones advised of the NO arrest, that he had the Hidell card at the time and had been using the AJ Hidell as an alias.


Then we go to the Dallas Police who would claim before te Warren Commission that Oswald had this card on him when arrested in Oak Cliff.


All of this served to link Oswald to the purchase of the rifle via mail order in the name of AJ Hidell.


The issues:


  • Jones was interviewed by the HSCA. In that interview, he denied remembering telling the FBI anything about Oswald carrying the Hidell selective service and underlined that by saying he would have had no way of knowing that.

  • The FBI memo mentions a "Anna (or Ana) Hidell. When questioned about this Jones suggests they misread their own notes from the phone call and it should read "AKA Hidell" - "Also known as". The questioner then suggests another possibility - that the misreads notes had actually said "An A Hidell", suggesting a separate person and not an Oswald alias. Jones had to agree that this was also possible, but that it was all too long ago fr him to recall and the file had since been culled.

  • If Oswald had truly had this card on him in NO when arrested, there would be no doubt it was an Oswald alias and therefore no need for anyone to search for "AJ Hidell" as allegedly happened both at that time and most certainly later, post-assassination.

  • The idea that the NO police would find fake ID on Oswald and return it to him to continue using it - as the official story proclaims must have happened for it to be in Oswald's wallet in Dallas, is antithetical to common sense and even to normal police conduct and actions.

  • None of the 5 officers who took Oswald into custody including anything about finding Hidell ID on him, despite claiming his wallet was searched to find ID. The story changed some time after those initial reports were submitted.

So if Oswald did not make it and did not have it, where did it come from?


The script provides the only logical answer and it is an answer suggested through the testimony of NO Police Officer Francis Martello. On Saturday at 3:00 pm, Adrian Vial of the Secret Service, picked up the Oswald file (including evidence) held by the NO police from Martello. It consisted mainly of the FPCC leaflets that Oswald had been distributing. But as the two men were going through the material, a passport photo of Oswald was discovered. Martello confirmed that this must have been accidentally caught up in the evidence when it was taken.


The fake card was not discussed or produced by Dallas police until during the interrogation session which commenced at 6:00 pm on Saturday. Three hours is sufficient time to fly the passport photo to Dallas, make a fake card in the name of AJ Hidell, attach Oswald's passport photo and produce it during that interrogation session at the same time as the fake Back Yard Photos make their debut appearance.


The goal of the fake card and photos was the same as for the paraffin test - scaring Oswald into a confession.


Each unsuccessful attempt to scare Oswald into confessing was a step closer to his pre-trial murder.




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  • gregrparker
    Jan 12

    Cue Joni Mitchell... It just dawned on me that there are areas of the JFK case that both sides are desperate to keep on the table as part of the canonical time-line. Some examples... THE SECOND FLOOR ENCOUNTER THAT NEVER WAS Both sides want to keep the Truly-Baker-Oswald 2nd floor lunchroom encounter. To the Lone-Nutters, it was theoretically possible for Oswald to have shot JFK and gotten to the 2nd floor in time for such an encounter. Keeping it also maintains the integrity of Truly and Baker. The Conspiracists want to keep it because they maintain that it was all but impossible for Oswald to have shot JFK and get to the 2nd floor in time. The fact is that there was no 2nd floor encounter. The evidence clearly shows Oswald was on the 1st floor just after the assassination. THE FOUND OSWALD WALLET THAT NEVER WAS Both sides want to keep the wallet displayed on TV at the Tippit site as belonging to Oswald and holding two sets of ID. Ron Reiland, who provided the commentary for the footage he himself had taken, mistakenly assumed it was Tippit's wallet. To the Lone-Nutters, the wallet is absolute proof that Oswald shot Tippit. To the Conspiracists, the wallet was planted and proof that Oswald was being framed. Both sides have their late witness entries supporting their positions. Ex-FBI Agent Farris Rookstool claims his analysis of the wallet shows it to be Oswald's. Conspiracists have Kenneth Croy, the officer who was first on the scene, stating in a 2002 interview that an unknown witness handed Oswald's wallet to him, but that other witnesses saw no such a wallet on the ground - thus indicating that the witness was introducing fraudulent evidence. The facts are that Rookstool entered the case with a pro-guilty bias against Oswald, and it obviously colors anything and everything he says about the case. Croy on the other hand, testified to the Warren Commission that his sole actions were in passing three witnesses to other police when they arrived (Croy was a Reserve Officer and not authorized to act alone). One of those witnesses was described as a taxi driver. This was William Scoggins who was one of two witnesses who had set off after the killer, taking Tippit's revolver with them. The other man was Ted Calloway. Both Scoggins and Croy assumed Calloway was a detective. Here is what Croy said in testimony: Mr. GRIFFIN. Did you talk with the taxi driver? Mr. CROY. Yes; I did. I talked to the taxi driver. Mr. GRIFFIN. Now, did you talk with him on the scene of the crime? Mr. CROY. Yes. Mr. GRIFFIN. Do you remember what his name was? Mr. CROY. No; I didn't get his name. There was a private detective agency. There was a report that a cabdriver had picked up Tippit's gun and had left, presumably. They don't know whether he was the one that had shot Tippit, or whether the man, I think it was he, brought someone out there , something. Anyway, he saw it and he picked up Tippit's gun and attempted to give chas e or something like that. Mr. GRIFFIN. There was a detective who was an eyewitness? Mr. CROY. No; he brought the taxi driver back to the scene. Mr. GRIFFIN. But the taxicab driver was an eyewitness? Mr. CROY. As far as I know. Mr. GRIFFIN. Did you talk to the taxicab driver? Mr. CROY. No; I took Tippit's gun and several other officers came up, and I turned him over to them and they questioned him. From Scoggins' testimony: Mr. BELIN. What did you see him do? This man came up and picked up the policeman's gun. He picked it up and said, "Let's go see if we can find him?" Mr. SCOGGINS. I thought the man was a kind of police, Secret Service or something, I didn't know, and I take him and we drove around over the neighborhood looking, and I still didn't know what kind--I still thought he was connected with the Police department in some way. Nowhere in his testimony did Croy say anything at all about a witness handing him a wallet of any description - let alone any containing Oswald ID. The most logical explanation using the testimony of Scoggins and Croy, is that other witnesses at the scene assumed Calloway was a detective or a private detective or some other security agent who had commandeered Tippit's weapon, Scoggins and Scoggins' cab to try and catch the murderer. Croy also assumed that Calloway was a private detective. He further assumed he had taken Scoggins into custody as the killer or driver of the killer. In any event, because of the gung-ho actions of Calloway, Scoggins was briefly, a potential suspect. In that light, police would most definitely be checking his wallet for ID. In short, the wallet being checked by police and filmed for for the TV coverage, was not Tippit's, not Owalds and not a throwdown to frame him. It was the wallet of witness and initial suspect, William Scoggins. THE PARAFFIN TEST RED HERRING Both sides are happy to agree that Paraffin tests have been shown to be junk science having no probative value and therefore Oswald's paraffin results can be thrown out. The Lone Nutters want the evidence disregarded because it was negative on the cheek. Conspiracists want it thrown out because it was positive the hands. Some general facts : paraffin tests are never conducted on cheeks because gunpowder residue (mainly nitrates) cannot escape a rifle chamber. Nitrates are found in a range of common materials apart from gunpowder residue and therefore, the presence of nitrates on the hands only means it is possible you fired a handgun - not that you must have. Usually police also test clothing for nitrates. Some specific facts : Oswald was given the Paraffin Test immediately after having palm prints taken with an inkless pad which uses iron trichloride to make the print, leaving very little visible presence on the hand. This was done in Fritz's office on Fritz's orders. There were no handwashing facilities available between the two procedures. This means that the iron trichloride from the pad would give a false positive on the Paraffin Test for the hands. Additionally, Oswald's clothes were not tested. The Atomic Energy Commission later conducted Neutron Activation tests on the paraffin casts. These tests have greater scope for detection of minute metal particle. The NAA (Neutron Activation Analysis) showed traces of barium and antimony on both sides of the cheek cast, indicating contamination. Conclusion : the debate over the validity of the Paraffin tests is a complete Red Herring. The palm print followed immediately by Paraffin tests had a twofold aim. The palm print was planted on the metal part of the barrel which is covered by the wooden stock. It could not be planted in a more visible place because it had already been checked for prints by both DPD and the FBI. The palm print would also ensure a positive result on the hands for the Paraffin test. The now "found" palm print and the positive Paraffin Test would be used to try and scare a confession - and to try Oswald through the media, which was informed that the Paraffin test was positive - without the additional and essential information that nothing had been found on the cheek. This left the impression Oswald had fired a rifle and a pistol. The fact is, he had fired neither - and the police knew it.
  • gregrparker
    Dec 16, 2018

    Back in New Orleans after leaving New York, Lee Oswald joins the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) run by "Captain" Dave Ferrie. One day, Marguerite comes home from work to find Lee dressed in his CAP uniform along with an adult in uniform who tries to talk Marguerite into forging paperwork to get Lee into the Marines prior to the legal age. Marguerite assumes this person is a Marine recruitment officer (or is told that is what he is), but it is known that Dave Ferrie was constantly encouraging his young charges to join the Marines. Since Lee was in his CAP uniform, it stands to reason he had just come back from a CAP meeting and that the adult with him was none other than Dave Ferrie and not a random Marine recruitment officer. The CAP had released details in 1948 of commencing it's own countersubversive programs and operations. In doing so, the CAP requested "permission" from both the FBI and CIA - indicating that their plans involved both domestic and overseas components. Indeed, the plans included teaching recruits into the program, lessons in the Russian language, culture and military tactics. Domestically, the plan was to place recruits into various businesses and given the names of fellow employees suspected of being comsymps to spy and report on. Ferrie started such clandestine groups within his CAP unit (“the Omnipotents”) and soon Oswald would be studying Marx and learning Russian and trying to talk a fellow employee at a dental lab where he worked as a messenger boy, into searching for and joining Communist cells. Sylvia Ludlow Hyde Hoke, the sister of Ruth Paine, worked for the CIA as a psychologist under military cover at the Human Resources Research Office housed at George Washington University. She was part of a team working on recruitment issues regarding maintenance of planes used in the FICON project - a precursor project to the U2 flights. The final report was issued in September 1956. The following month, Lee Oswald joined the Marines, listing Aircraft Maintenance and Repair as his preference, and ultimately working in the radar maintenance unit at Atsugi, Japan - home of the U2. Richard Bissell was head of the CIA U2 program and also Deputy Director of Plans, the section which accounted for more than half of the CIA budget. This also made him responsible for all covert operations. Bissell issued a memo on September 2, 1959 stating that operations against the Soviets were to be increased. Two days later, Oswald, the former U2 base radar operator, applied for his passport with the aim of traveling to the Soviet Union. Oswald traveled to the Soviet Union via Helsinki - the only place at that time that an American could gain quick access to a Soviet entry visa - and this was only because the CIA had spent months lavishing the Chief Soviet Consulate officer, Gregory Golub, with female companions, lunches and dinners. Golub finally agreed that he would issue quick visas to American citizens if they purchased Intourist vouchers and looked "okay" to him. He issued the first two such visas shortly before the arrival of Oswald. Normally the visas would take weeks, but Oswald got his in one to two days. The usually frugal Oswald also purchased 10 expensive Intourist vouches.
  • gregrparker
    Dec 16, 2018

    These are a collection of coincidences we are expected to believe were no more than happenstance. The sheer preponderance of them however, militates against them all being mere innocent happenstance. In fact, evidence shows that some halves of the coincidence coins never actually happened, but were stories meant to falsify background information in a detrimental manner, or to incriminate. These will be flagged. Two liberal presidential hopefuls (Jorge Gaitan and RFK) killed by pistol at close range by lone gunmen (Juan Sierra Roa and Sirhan Sirhan) who were both members of the same religious cult (AMORC), and both practiced self-hypnosis. The two assassinations were separated by 20 years and took place on two different continents. The Gaitan assassination and the JFK assassination were investigated by the respective governments (Colombian government appointed investigators and FBI for the US) . Both of those investigations were then subject to a review (by Scotland Yard detectives and the Warren Commission respectively). Neither review team was allowed to conduct its own investigation, and both were hamstrung by the withholding of documents so that inevitably, each came out rubber stamping the respective investigations. A young Lee Oswald was taken to live in New York at the same time as the Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency was in New York gathering evidence regarding truancy and the effects of comic books on young minds. Oswald ended up becoming a truant, spending most of his time reading comics, watching TV and roaming the streets and as a result, ended up in Family Court and spending 2 weeks in Youth House. The Family Court and Youth House were two sources of information for the inquiry. After all the evidence was collected, the subcommittee hearings were finally held in April 1954 - just 3 months after Oswald was taken out of the state by his mother. As above, Oswald spent 2 weeks in Youth House. This was owned and operated by the Lavenburg Foundation which was controlled by members of the Straus Family of Macy Department Store fame. The Lavenburg Foundation also built and operated the apartment building where the Rosenbergs lived. It was built specifically for the influx of immigrants from war-torn Europe. An employee of the Lavenburg Foundation gave Julius Rosenberg a reference to help him get his job in the Army Signal Corps. Later, one member of the Straus family went on to publish pulp fiction by E Howard Hunt and to provide him with a reference for his State Department cover job for the CIA in Europe. Yet another member of this family had a holiday home on Naushon Island owned by the Forbes family. As a member of the Forbes family, Michael Paine and his wife Ruth also had a holiday home on this island. The Paines would later befriend Lee and Marina Oswald. While in New York, Lee and his mother, Marguerite initially stayed with Marguerite's eldest son and Lee's half-brother, John Pic. Pic was working for the Port Security Unit (PSU) at this time. The PSU was the intelligence arm of the Coast Guard, and it was working with the FBI and ONI in ridding the ports of "subversive" elements. The Navy would later admit that more innocent people were hurt in these witch hunts than were hurt by the HUAC or any other Un-American/Loyalty watchdog. Atomic spy, Julius Rosenberg was given a pamphlet at age 15 on a New York Street corner regarding the railroading and imprisonment of a West Coast union leader. He would later recall that this incident led him into Marxism. Lee Oswald was given a pamphlet on a New York street corner at age 15, regarding freeing the Rosenbergs. This incident led him into Marxism. One problem: the incident never happened regarding Oswald. The Rosenbergs were executed in June, 1953. Oswald had not yet even turned 14. Moreover, the information came from an alleged interview with Oswald by Alina Mosby in Moscow, and it was not published in the original story. It only became part of the story after the JFK assassination and has simply been transplanted from the Julius Rosenberg history onto Oswald in an effort to backstop his Marxist credentials. Lee Oswald's truancy ceased at the same time that John Pic moved out of the PSU and back into regular Coast Guard work.
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