Sep 15, 2018

Are Germayne and Lisa Cunningham being railroaded?


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The following is from the Phoenix Times, Jan 2, 2018. My comments interspersed in italics.

Normally, when the state charges somebody with first-degree murder, they rot in jail for a while awaiting trial. Not this time.


Normally, when a grand jury clears prosecutors to charge first-degree murder, those prosecutors get an arrest warrant. Not this time.

Normally, when a defendant fails to show up in court, even for a minor offense, the judge issues a bench warrant for the scofflaw’s arrest. Not this time.

Normally, when pathologists suspect a child is murdered, the autopsy spells it out conclusively. Not this time.

But then, nothing about the death of 7-year-old Sanaa Cunningham, the people accused of killing her, nor the case against them, has been normal.

Most of the media blame the unusual aspects on cops looking out for one of their own, but Germayne Cunningham was no longer with the police force. He was working as a prison guard. He left the force during an investigation of it's operations and nothing should be concluded from that. He may have left to save being personally drawn into the investigation, or he may have left because of disgust over what was coming out of that investigation. Or the timing of his leaving may even be coincidental and had more to do with his challenging home life. Prison guards work regular shifts. Detectives, not so much. In short,he may or may not have been on good terms with former colleagues.


But there is much more to this case. It’s unusual in many other ways.

Very little information has been released.

Prosecutors convinced the court to seal the police document that spells out the rationale for charging a crime. This is a routine public record, usually made available within days of an arrest or indictment.

The Goodyear Police have yet to release its police report on Sanaa’s death.


The state Department of Child Safety has not released any of four investigations of Sanaa’s treatment inside the Goodyear home.

Which begs the question of what they are hiding.


All are significant because Sanaa died in February, after DCS investigated three allegations of abuse at the hands of the Cunninghams.

The first, alleging neglect, was launched on March 4, 2016. Child welfare agents ruled it “unsubstantiated” and closed the case. An October 27, 2016, allegation of sexual abuse remained open but was also ruled “unsubstantiated.” On December 21, 2016, state investigators opened up the third case, looking into allegations of neglect and abuse. It remained open when Sanaa died, and her death opened a fourth DCS case.


But DCS didn’t report the death until December 12, exactly 10 months after she died, and two weeks after the state determined it was caused by abuse or neglect and a grand jury handed up an indictment.

Here it looks a lot like Child Welfare have been working with police to put a case together against the couple. This may be no coincidence since the couple had laid the blame on Child Welfare for insisting that Sanaa be treated with anti-psychotic medications for her array of psychiatric and behavioral diagnoses.


It and the autopsy read like a horror.

Prosecutors allege the couple tied up Sanaa and left her to sleep outside, confined to a laundry room, garage or patio, with injuries that festered.


This sounds terrible but it is without context. From

The Use of Physical Restraint Interventions for Children and Adolescents in the Acute Care Setting

Committee on Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Children and adolescents may need to be physically or chemically restrained for various procedures, because of disruptive behavior, or to prevent injury to themselves or others. The use of restraint for a child or adolescent requires clear indications, safe application, reassessment guidelines, and use only after the consideration of alternative methods. Seclusion refers to the involuntary confinement of a patient alone in a room, from which the patient is physically prevented from leaving, for any period of time. The use of seclusion or restraint on children and adolescents hospitalized for psychiatric disorders has been reviewed by several authors and is beyond the scope of this statement.1-4

Restraints may be physical or chemical. Chemical restraint involves the use of psychotropic drugs or sedatives or paralytic agents. Physical restraint involves the use of physical or mechanical devices to restrain movement. Physical restraints may be cloth, leather, metal handcuffs or shackles, car seats, or seat belts. This statement is limited to the use of physical restraint in children and adolescents in the acute care or nonpsychiatric inpatient setting. END QUOTE


The use of restrains in the above is in reference to specific children in acute care, not in the home. But other members of the family say that Sanaa was a threat to herself and to the other children and her age and array of issues would make her extremely difficult to manage in the home environment. Clearly, the parents wanted to try and manage without drugs.


The autopsy noted scars on at least 60 locations on Sanaa’s body, about more than 100 cuts and bruises. She had multiple ulcers and abscesses on her nose, hands, legs, and feet.

She died of septic shock, caused by a complication from bronchitis and pneumonia, the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled in October. The official report states the manner of death was “undetermined” and how the injuries occurred “unknown.”

Forensic experts, in other words, did not medically rule it a homicide.

This is from a Child and Youth Care Worker onilne discussion group:

I have just encountered a youth whom self mutilates as a way of getting staff attention in our home. When he is in the time out room he bangs his head into the wall and cuts his arms with his finger nails and tries to strangle himself with his hands and makes threats of killing himself.

The way we have got him to level the behavior is we don't treat bumps and bruised knuckles from time out pounding right away and let the youth deal with his self inflicted pain. (Unless it warrants immediate medical attention). When the youth is in this space staff monitor him but ignore behaviors when it is an obvious play for attention. When the youth tries to harm himself by cutting or makes suicide threats, staff treat it as an attempt which means the youths entire room is stripped and he is placed on safety checks every ten minutes until our therapist assesses that he is no longer at risk. This has happened twice in the two months he has been with us and his behaviors have greatly calmed down as he has found that when he does this it buys him more attention then he bargained for.


These are obviously complex issues regarding teens despite some no doubt having some potential for reasoning.


But Sanaa was 7 and her array of issues in combination at that age, made her a highly unusual case and exponentially more difficult to manage.


They noted there were no signs of sexual abuse.

And they noted Sanaa had “a complicated medical history.” It took them five pages to summarize that history.

It involved diagnoses of severe mental illness: unspecified schizophrenia, pica, mood disorders, and conditions that led her to urinate and defecate uncontrollably.

She had a history of scratching, biting, and hitting herself. She would binge and purge food. Sometimes she would eat paper or the hair from her dolls.

According to the autopsy, Sanaa slept in a locked laundry room to protect her from herself on a lawn chair. She would stay there naked, or in an oversize shirt, whose arms were tied like the straitjackets they used to use in old-time insane asylums. A camera watched her.

Sometimes she wore a diaper, had gloves taped to her hands, and goggles put on her face.

Goodyear police told pathologists that Germayne Cunningham acknowledged using zip-ties and handcuffs to restrain his daughter. Police had been to the house on December 21, 2016, but saw no reason to further investigate.

The Cunninghams reported many of Sanaa’s maladies to medical and psychiatric experts. Germayne’s defense attorneys said he’d tapped out his retirement in part to care for his daughter.


The complete story will not be known until the trial. On the basis of what I have read so far however, the prosecution has been driven by Child Welfare to deflect from their own failings and that of the medical profession generally. Welfare had conducted three investigations of abuse and neglect, including sexual abuse. The agency had found no basis for any of the complaints. Given the nature of the complaints and lack of foundation for them, it is likely they came from a disaffected family member. What is clear is that, given the nature of Sanaa's issues, the parents should have had access to better support services than is evident.


In one news report, the agency stated that there are two people who have been charged - "neither of them employed by this agency." That to me, speaks of over-defensiveness masking guilt.


Another issue that has arisen is the lack of support by our government to an Australian facing the death penalty (Lisa is from Adelaide). There is $500,000 available to help with legal expenses in such cases and this has been paid in the past to a woman accused of trafficking cocaine in Colombia, another woman convicted of smuggling marijuana in Indonesia, a convicted terrorist who trained with the Taliban and met Osama bin Laden, and two people convicted of heroin smuggling in Indonesia in a case made famous as the Bali Nine. What do all of those cases have in common? None were in the US. The lickspittle Australian government is too weak-kneed to do anything that might potentially upset their puppeteers in Washington.



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    alt.assassination.jfk This was the first group I ever posted to. That was back in the year 2000. It is run by arch WC apologist, John McAdams. It is a moderated forum where every post is subject to vetting before being put on the board. At times, there have been a mix of good posters in there, at other times, it is completely dominated by WC apologists intent on not debating the evidence, but on simply pouring sarcasm and scorn over anyone foolhardy enough to have an opposing view. I rarely go there anymore except to find old posts from past members. Here is a random sampling of current posts: How are you supposed to know that? Did you just identify the shooter on the grassy knoll? I thought you said it was Bigfoot or am I getting the kooks mixed up again? You guys should wear badges. ----------------------------------- He (Oswald) didn't bring a lunch nor did he order pizza from Domino's. ----------------------------------- I believe in conspiracies, and I believe a benignant conspiracy took place in this case controlled by the Kennedy family. If you like to go round and round in circles, then this the place for you. Alt.conspiracy.jfk Originally meant as an antidote to McAdams' group, this is an unmoderated free-for-all inhabited by anarchists, trolls and spammers with a sprinkling of sometime on-topic posters. Like it's sibling across the Google Pond, it has actually thrown up the occasional exceptional debate, but it seems like a very long time since that has occurred. Not for the thin-skinned. This forum is run by a Scot named Duncan MacRae. MacRae has stated in the past that he runs numerous websites across a variety interests and subjects and that these sites are his sole source of income. MacRae's JFK site is very large and very confusingly organized - yet has by far the largest membership of all such sites. The site was recently hacked and taken down, yet despite having to start again from virtual scratch, the site was quickly back and looking like nothing had happened. MacRae claims to be open to the possibility of a conspiracy, however the site has a slight but definite Lone Nut bias brought about by sheer numbers on that site who support the official version vigorously, venomously and often, vilely. Despite numerous negatives, the site does produce the occasional nugget, but like digging for gold, you have to have a lot of patience and be prepared to leave empty-handed most of the time. Deep Politics Forum A lot can be learned about a forum from it's objectives. Here are the objectives of the Deep Politics Forum: An online community dedicated to shining light into the shadowy reaches of historical and contemporary deep political systems. We aim to expose deep political objectives, strategies, tactics, and operatives, and to understand their social, economic, and cultural impacts. Our mission transcends academic inquiry, which we accept as an invaluable tactic in a broader strategy to wield knowledge and truth as weapons in a coordinated assault on the manipulators who operate within deep political shadows. Curious language to say the least. How for example, does one " transcend academic inquiry "? And what is it that is being " accepted as an invaluable tactic ", academic inquiry itself, or the transcending of it? But it is the last declaration of war that takes the cake. "Weaponizing the truth" is a catchphrase used by one of the founders of this forum, Charles Drago. Mr. Drago was summarily evicted at some stage for questioning the bona fides and identity of a member using the name of Albert Doyle. The irony is that others eventually exposed Doyle's real identity, leading him into more and more bizarre rants and behaviors and one by one Mr. Doyle was banned at forum after forum, including the one in which he had established some sort of standing - the Deep Politics forum. We are still waiting for the weaponizing of the truth and its utilization in "a coordinated assault". It should be a sight to behold. The height of their "truth", is that the CIA ran an "Oswald Project" involving a double for Oswald and a double for his mother - Hungarian refugees from the early 1950s. The aim of the project was in merging the identities of the doubles with the real Oswalds and sending the fake Lee Oswald to the Soviet Union as a fake defector. The theory has been cobbled together in the manner of a parlor game where you are given half a dozen disparate pieces of information, none of them necessarily true, and you have to weave them together into a story. The inhabitants of this forum tend to see themselves as intellectuals, Zen Masters and revolutionary warriors. The reality is that some can barely construct a coherent sentence and have zero insight into how ridiculous their war declarations make them sound. This site was started by California real estate salesman, Greg Burnham. Mr. Burnham is an eloquent writer, even when he has no idea what he is writing about. Prominent among those who helped get the forum up and running was the now excommunicated Deep Politics forum co-founder, Charles Drago. Mr. Drago is a Deep Thinker and even more eloquent in his musings than Mr. Burnham. The bromance was sparkling -- but fell apart over differing political views with the election of Donald Trump, and once again Drago was banished to the wilderness, his last refuge being Facebook. With Drago's departure, the door was opened for his former Deep Politics forum nemesis Brian ("Albert") Doyle. The irony is delicious. Everyone is now aware that Doyle has real issues, but Burnham's forum (known by some as "Der Morgue" because that is how deadly quiet it is) can ill-afford to turn any member away. Such is the need for content, Mr. Burnham even allows Doyle to rant about a topic otherwise banned for discussion in Der Morgue (despite all the bowing and scraping to the merits of free speech in his "welcome to the forum" message). That topic is Prayer Man. On the other hand, it does give Mr. Burnham and his one or two other posters the chance to conflate the Prayerman image with that of Lovelady in the Altgens6 pic. Let's call it "weaponizing the strawman". The assassinationofjfk forum takes silliness to a whole new level. According to this lot, the facilitators and sponsors of the assassination are not only unknown, they are unknowable. But apparently that is not an insurmountable setback - not when you have weaponized a truth you are unable to annunciate except with the broadest of brushes. The JFK Education Forum Most other forums currently operating can be considered splits from this forum. It started in 2004 and is currently operated by another Scot, James Gordon. It seems every few years, the "ed forum" (as it is widely called) goes through an existential crisis. It is going through one at the moment, and it follows a familiar pattern - complaints by and about members and moderators over real or perceived slights - then comes the hand-wringing and a threat to pull the plug as the headaches don't warrant ongoing financial commitment to stay afloat. Unlike the assassinationofjfk forum and the deep politics forum, which at least pretend to have some higher purpose, the theme that keeps coming back here as the most important purpose is civility. Good manners. That means not calling a liar a liar. That means putting up with all sorts of bullshit and baiting - all acceptable so long as it is done politely. Though there have been times when the forum has shone, it has become another protected haven for crackpot theories, predominately the Two Oswald nonsense so beloved at the Deep Politics forum. For many years, it has been impossible to conduct a discussion on Lee Harvey Oswald at this forum without it being taken over by this garbage. In 2015 while still a member there, I made the following observation to another poster : 'The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth JFK once said. You make a mockery of it, and your enablers here are just as guilty for caring more about "foul" language than about the foul tactics you and others employ in your battle to thwart any chance of "education" through this site. ' Therein is the real issue. The site has no sense of purpose beyond some vague notion of being an educational resource for students. The JFK section is certainly educational. Unfortunately just not in the way that was envisaged. My advice fwiw, let it go, or change the culture and find a purpose beyond self-perpetuation. Style (here defined as "good manners") should never trump quality content in the pyramid of need. This is one of the smaller JFK assassination forums and yet the busiest in terms of new research. Although other sites occasionally present new data or insights, it is rare for them to do so. But that very thing is the whole reason for the existence of this forum. Creating new leads to spark a new investigation. It is also free of the issues that plague other forums, and that is largely down to a membership which takes the case seriously, but not themselves. It is more than a discussion group. It is actively looking for ways to progress the case toward closure. You may say this assessment is biased since I founded the site. And that's fair enough. Check it out for yourself. Check them all out. If you're thinking of joining a JFK discussion group, there is certainly something out there that will suit your own biases and ideas.
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    Mar 11

    It was recently pointed out to me that the spiraling down in the quality of reporting can at least partially be laid at the feet of the introduction of the GST (Goods and Services Tax) in 2000. From that time on, the sole measure of success has been revenue as most major media outlets were taken over by bean counters, with quality investigative reporting being the first and biggest casualty. The growth of the internet and the nature of the news cycle has only quickened our rush to Salem. The Shouting of "witch" is all the evidence anyone needs. Post-truth meets the Inquisition. The balance between protecting alleged victims and protecting the rights of the accused is one that must be set at the right level. We are in danger of going from too far one way to going too far the other. Early this year, an alarming story broke that highlights the issue. It was widely reported, and picked up internationally, that a circus training school in the Blue Mountains had been involved in kidnaps, rapes, tortures, exploitation and ritual abuse of 3 boys aged from 3 to 7. This all allegedly happened between 2014 and 2016 and involved 4 members of the one family and 3 others who at the time of the alleged offenses, were still under 18. The mass media lapped it up and printed anything and everything it could get on the story. By and large, reports seemed to be based on the assumption of guilt, even when using the essential qualifiers. Social media lapped it up, with whole groups ready to grab pitch forks to mete out justice on the by now named adults who had been arrested (and who are still behind bars awaiting bail hearings). It was simply click-worthy, and that means dollars! And the more bizarre, evil and depraved the allegations, the better. Come and get yer daily does of righteous anger! Here is just one sample of what was being published in early February. Police said the seven alleged offenders were involved in a New South Wales circus training school called The Arcade Circus that catered to children with and without disabilities. The charges include rape, kidnapping and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. It is alleged that members of the group also used the young boys to produce child pornography material. Some trainers are accused of performing sadistic " blood rituals " on the young boys, the Daily Telegraph reported. The circus school owner and carer, Therese Ann Cook, 58, is listed to appear in Penrith Local Court on Tuesday. Cook has been charged with 43 offences, including aggravated sexual assault of a child under 10, sexual intercourse with a child under 10 and aggravated kidnapping More at The allegations had a familiar ring - think Pizzagate and the VIP pedophile ring in England. Neither true - both stories filled with horror and depravity. But it was also reminiscent of something more local - in fact a 2012 story from the very same Blue Mountains. It involved an adult female in 2012 who was taken in by a religious cult which specialized in bringing out alleged suppressed childhood memories. Or put another way, they used typical cult techniques to induce what is known as False Memory Syndrome. Written by a variety of people, the papers are at once bizarre, comic and sinister. Some appear to document Kylie's "treatment" - regression sessions, mainly, where she would relive childhood traumas and write in an infantile scrawl details of unimaginable abuse, including being showered in a purée of human body parts, being sexually assaulted and forced to drink blood. The documents also indicate that the group believed themselves to be engaged in spiritual warfare with witches - both in the Blue Mountains and in Sydney - some of whom are identified by their name, age, employment and "coven status". "One of them is my aunt, who lives in Harbord," says Nathan. The documents also confirm the group's involvement with a man named John Darnell, who is the pastor of a church in Canberra called Shepherd's Heart. Darnell is the author of Satanic Strategies in the 21st Century, which explains how Satanic cults have infiltrated the "highest echelons" of government and mainstream churches. On a US Christian radio station last year, Darnell said he believed it was possible that the British royal family were actually shape-shifting reptiles. More at The stories do have certain similarities, for example, in the above, the "victim" is forced to drink blood. In this latest case, the kids were allegedly forced to drink their own blood in hints of the Satanic practices the cult claimed to be at war with. Here, we have a free-living circus family. Perfect if you are looking to point and shout "witch" and "find" the work of Satan. If this family is innocent, then the media has sacrificed them in search of revenue by providing the trial by media the police seemed eager to produce by leaking the case to reporters like a sieve - including the now denied (and at this stage, seemingly false) allegation that some of this abuse was filmed for child porn. In fact, the evidence may be nothing more than the statements of the alleged victims. Police do not encourage trial by media unless the case they have is not strong. If these people turn out to be guilty, even of a single one of the over 100 charges laid, they deserve everything the criminal justice system can throw at them. But if they are innocent, heads should roll for those involved in the police investigation and their media assets. No amount of money could possibly compensate them, so any payout should be huge. There are as yet some unanswered questions, such as why, if these very young boys were kidnapped 2 to 4 years ago, there was no media coverage at the time? Child kidnap cases are always big stories. That it was not in the media suggests there is something about this particular allegation that is being withheld. I also await some news on the background of these very young boys. Were they by any chance, children of members a certain secretive religious group looking for witches to burn? If so, maybe they will claim the shape-shifting alien lizards told them to do it.
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