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Do you have the itch to write, or an old manuscript tucked away? Getting published these days is not difficult if you are willing to forgo the traditional route and pay to have your book designed, formated and uploaded by a publishing facilitator. 

What remains difficult is having a quality product at the end of the process. Being a good writer and having great ideas is no guarantee of a quality book at the end! What makes it worse is that we sometimes fall into the trap of believing we can edit our own work. Invariably, this is not the case. How many times have you encountered "grammar" and "punctuation" police on the internet who make an error themselves - sometimes even while busy pointing out the errors of others? 

Whether you are writing a formal letter or report, or writing the next blockbuster movie or stage play, having an experienced editor go through your work to give it that extra polish can make a world of difference to the success of your project.

Give us a try! 

What we provide

We provide high level proof-reading and editing services at reasonable rates.

What is "proof-reading"?
Simply put, proof-reading is the correction of spelling, grammar and punctuation prior to final publication.

What is "editing"?

Editing is all of the above, plus correcting any formating issues and cutting or adding text to improve the overall quality of the material. 

What can I submit?
Letters, reports, essays, manuscripts, stage plays, film scripts.

How it works

Step One: Click here to complete a request form.

Step Two: We will send you an invoice.

Step Three: Pay the amount shown via paypal below or by direct credit. Details for Direct Credit are on your invoice.

Step Four: The requested work commences.


Proof-reading is two cents per word.

Editing is three cents per word.

Minimum charge is $20.00.

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